Gene Hawkins

An English intelligence agent, at thirty-eight he is battling life-threatening depression when his boss encourages him to search for millionaire Dave Teller's missing stallion. Worn down by his profession and by the loss of the woman he loves, Gene is due three weeks' leave when his boss, Keeble, invites him on a boating outing, with an ulterior motive. Fearing that three weeks on his own might lead him to making an irrevocable choice, Gene agrees to the job of locating Teller's missing stallion, Chrysalis. Gene's father had been a trainer, and Gene has the necessary knowledge of horses to be suitable for this particular assignment. While doing the job, Gene encounters two women who pique his interest: Teller's alcoholic wife and Keeble's young daughter. He also makes a friend who ultimately helps change his life for the better.